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Arianna Kelt and the Wizards of Skyhall Book by JR King

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Don't miss the exciting debut of teen author J. R. King. In the tradition of Artemis Fowl and Harry Potter, Arianna Kelt and the Wizards of Skyhall is an amazing work of fantasy fiction full of action, adventure, and humor. From the moment Arianna Kelt sees a wizard, her life changes forever. For you see, being a wizard seer is not a good thing because it means the law gnomes are going to come after you and before you know it youíre going to be on trial in the People Court. Wizard seers everywhere beware!

From the Publisher
We knew "Arianna Kelt and the Wizards of Skyhall" was a very special book as soon as we read it. We were even more amazed when we found out the author at the time was only 12 years old. This is a great story full of humor, action, and adventure, and a story that will you'll remember long after you finish it. We invite you to read "Arianna Kelt and the Wizards of Skyhall" and see for yourself why this is such a great story.

About the Author
J R King completed writing "Arianna Kelt and the Wizards of Skyhall" when he was 12. He spent the next several years finding a publisher and working to perfect the novel. He is now at work on "Arianna Kelt and the Renegades of Time." "Arianna Kelt and the Wizards of Skyhall" is being published all over the world and is being translated into multiple languages.

From the Author JR King
I've always loved reading. My favorite books are filled with humor, action, and adventure. I've been writing stories and reading them to friends and in school for as long as I can remember. When I was in the fourth grade I started writing even more stories, and my teacher encouraged me to write a book. I started several books, but it wasnít until I started writing "Arianna Kelt and the Wizards of Skyhall" that I really put my heart into it. "Arianna Kelt and the Wizards of Skyhall" is the first book in the Wizards of Skyhall trilogy.

I finished writing the book when I was twelve. My sixth-grade teacher encouraged me to try to get it published. I tried and tried and in six months time I had several interested publishers, but the problem was they didnít know I was a kid. When I got another letter from a local publisher, I decided to tell them I was only twelve. They were so nice that thatís the publisher I decided to have as my publisher. The publisher worked with me for over a year on the book.

My whole point in writing "Arianna Kelt and the Wizards of Skyhall" was to create the kind of book that I loved reading. I wanted it to be a really good book, and I worked very hard to make sure it had everything I think makes a good book. I hope when you read it you think itís cool. If Iíve succeeded, I hope youíll spread the word. Tell your friends.

My favorite part of the book is how the wizards protect the people of earth from all the bad things, and how the wizards can step through portals to travel to other worlds and dimensions. I like how Arianna was a bad kid who becomes a force for good. As I wrote about Arianna, Meilan, Ranth, and all the rest, they became like good friends. The growing friendship between Arianna, Meilan, and Ranth is strong and an important part of the story.

I hope you like the wizarding universe I created. I tried to make it as real and complex as our own with strange new worlds and places to visit around every corner. - J. R. King



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