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Keeper Martin's Tale by Robert Stanek

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Unleash the power of your imagination and enter a world you never dreamed existed! Best-selling author Robert Stanek delivers an epic fantasy adventure that'll open your mind and your heart. Three heroes set out on an epic journey of discovery only to find that at the end of their journey nothing is what they thought it was and that their world is undergoing a transformation that will change everything. Survival in a changing world depends on their ability to adapt and if they fail, their world and everything they believe in will perish.

From the Publisher
Indulge, slip away to Ruin Mist! Some authors are powerful storytellers. Some create wonderful worlds. Others create memorable characters. When you find an author that is capable of telling a powerful story that revolves around memorable characters in a deep, rich world, you really have something wonderful and wonderful is definitely what this book is about!

Mr. Stanek is the author of many previously published books, including several bestsellers. Currently he lives in the Pacific Northwest with his wife and children. He is proud to have served in the Persian Gulf War as a combat crewmember on an electronic warfare aircraft. During the war, he flew numerous combat and combat support missions, logging over two hundred combat flight hours. His distinguished accomplishments during the Persian Gulf War earned him nine medals, including the United States of America's highest flying honor, the Air Force Distinguished Flying Cross. His career total was 17 medals in only 11 years of military service, making him one of the most highly decorated veterans of the Persian Gulf War.

About the Author
Readers everywhere are discovering the works of Robert Stanek. Robert's books are published in over 20 countries around the world and beginning in 2005 the first of many translations will be published.

From the Author
I began work on the Ruin Mist Chronicles in 1986, working on the project in my spare time, stealing quiet moments whenever possible to pen new ideas. Ruin Mist Chronicles begin when the Elf Queen sends the warrior elf lord, Seth, on a journey to the lands of Man. Legend says that the races have been divided for hundreds of years and there are few survivors among the brother races. In Keeper Martin's Tale, you embark on the unfolding of the first path through the histories of Ruin Mist. This is a deep epic fantasy ostensibly chronicled by Keeper Martin, head of lore keepers. - Robert Stanek


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