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Blindsided - A Thriller
by Jay Giles

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Blindsided - the debut novel of Jay Giles


Although Joe Jesso is a fictional character, he is the personification of an all too real problem. In Florida and elsewhere, unscrupulous individuals are preying upon the elderly. Phony home improvement contractors, fake investment counselors, and—worst of all—gold-digging companions victimize our senior citizens.

Jay Giles chose this as a story element for a couple of reasons: He wanted to draw attention to a potentially devastating crime that often goes unreported, unpunished, and unpublicized. He also wanted something more ‘real to life’ than a stolen nuclear submarine or a media czar bent on world domination.

He coupled this very real problem with a ‘real’ person: Matt Seattle. Matt isn’t James Bond. He isn’t Dirk Pitt. Or even Brad Pitt. Matt leads a relatively normal life—he runs a small brokerage business, has a dog, likes to play golf. He’s a good-hearted guy who tries to do the right thing. Unfortunately for Matt, doing the right thing puts him in direct conflict with bad people who don’t mind hurting him to get their way.

As Mike Tyson once observed, “Everyone has a plan until they get hit.” Blindsided is about how Matt—our normal guy—handles getting hit. On one level, it’s is a story about how Matt fights to get himself out of harm’s way. On another, perhaps more important level, it’s about how adversity forces him to come to grips with his past and allows him to find happiness again.

Jay Giles was born in Louisville, Kentucky in 1947. Although he graduated with honors from the Scripps School of Journalism at Ohio University, he has never worked for a newspaper. Fascinated with how the psychology of communication moves people to action, he went into advertising. During his career, he has marketed consumer and business products from automobiles to whisky, earning more than 500 awards for creative excellence. He and his wife divide their time between homes in Cincinnati and Sarasota.

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